Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) by Meditab Software

This software is suitable for different speciality practices that deal in huge volumes of eRx which include pain management, paediatrics, allergy, and primary health care.

The software has a fully-integrated HER, Billing solution and practice management. It caters for more than 25 specialities and practices irrespective of sizes. The software can be customized to suit your practices.

Some of the features of IMS include Data analysis auditing, sample tracking, procedure-based billing, physician test panels, online instrumentation, multi-location printing, lab instrument interface, fax management, EMR interface, and data security.

Polytech LIS Software

This is a cloud-based medical lab system that is used in managing patient records and lab workflows.

One of the multiple usages of Polytech LIS is the detection of errors through the running of automatic checks which guarantees quality control.

Some of its features include lab interface, quality control management interface, data storage, instrument interface, customer support and results processing.

eLab by Tru-Solutions

eLab is a medical diagnostic centre and lab management software. It has a user interface that is friendly and easy to use and other features which include: user access control, flexible patient search and selection, a built-in database of departments, tests and reporting templates, bill designer, multiple price-lists, barcode and label printing, and eLab Mobile device interface.

eLab also allow patients, labs and hospitals to access their medical reports online.

Aesthetic Record by Aesthetic Record

Aesthetic Record was designed specifically for the aesthetics industry. It is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant mobile medical photography system that combines modern technological advances to make clinic management, patient management and medical photography, patient record and procedure administration simple and easy.

Orchard LIS

This is a cloud-based laboratory information system designed for research laboratories, veterinary labs, hospitals of all sizes, public health organizations, physicians’ office laboratories, etc.

The major feature of Orchard LIS is to automate processes like ICD-10 codes and integrate information systems.

CGM LABDAQ by CompuGroup Medical

CGM LABDAQ is one of the leading laboratory information system founded in 1987 in the US. It is patronised by various professionals in the medical industry. CGM LABDAQ can be found in drug labs, clinics, hospitals, and reference labs. Some of the important features of CGM LABDAQ include its connectivity, scalability and in-house support.

CGM LABDAQ is widely applied in eHealth markets across the world as workflow solutions in hospital laboratories, veterinary hospitals, student health, etc.

Freezerworks by Dataworks Development

This is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMs) established in the US in 1987. Freezerworks is widely used by laboratories, bio-repositories and biobanks in streamlining their workflow. It offers its users a high level of accuracy, accessibility and customizability. With Freezerworks, medical websites can conveniently request, ship and assay sample inventory.

Freezerworks complies with FDA 21 CFR part II which allows it to be used by Researchers, lab technicians and assistants and other medical professionals in a regulated environment.

Apex LIS by Apex Healthware

Apex LIS is a medical lab platform founded in the US in 2007. It provides data security, EMR interface, patient portal, order entry, etc. for the medical industry.

They provide a web-based solution for managing patient records, order generation, labels printing, etc. for medical lab management.

CloudLIMS by CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS was founded in 2013 in the US. It is a sample management software that makes the operations of bio-repositories, bio-storages, clinical labs, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and biobanks simpler and easier by organizing and tracking samples and freezer locations.

iEHR by 4medica

iEHR was founded in 1998 by 4medica in the USA. The major function of iEHR is to provide seamless integration between data of inpatient and ambulatory patient from a web application.

Sunquest Mitogen by Sunquest Information Systems

Sunquest Mitogen is a cloud-based medical laboratory platform founded in 1979. It is specifically designed for molecular, clinical and anatomic pathology labs.

Prolis Software

This is a laboratory information management system designed for hospitals and reference labs. It can be easily customized for usage in chemistry, microbiology, molecular testing, pathology, physician’s office, and microbiology labs.

Some of the important features of Prolis include effective management and automation of lab functions, patient scheduling, physician panels, lab-barcode system, remote accessioning, physicians' search tool, logistics monitoring and integrated billing and reporting.